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TitlePositron Scanner for Locating Brain Tumors
Author(s)Rankowitz, S.; Robertson, J. S.; Higinbotham, W. A.; Rosenblum, M. J.
Publication DateMarch 1962
Report NumberBNL-6041
Unique IdentifierACC0235
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4736421
Research OrgBrookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, N.Y.
Contract NoAT(30-2)-Gen-16
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationJournal: IRE (Inst. Radio Engrs.) Intern. Con. Record; Vol: 9
SubjectBiology and Medicine; Brain; Detection; Diagnosis; Medicine; Positrons; Pulse Analyzers; Radioisotopes; Scintillation Counters; Tumors
KeywordsBiomed, Instrumentation
Related Web PagesPositron Emission Tomography [PET] and Positron Scanner
AbstractA system is described that makes use of positron emitting isotopes for locating brain tumors. This system inherently provides more information about the distribution of radioactivity in the head in less time than existing scanners which use one or two detectors. A stationary circular array of 32 scintillation detectors scans a horizontal layer of the head from many directions simultaneously. The data, consisting of the number of counts in all possible coincidence pairs, are coded and stored in the memory of a Two-Dimensional Pulse-Height Analyzer. A unique method of displaying and interpreting the data is described that enables rapid approximate analysis of complex source distribution patterns. (auth)
2979 K
19 pp.
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