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TitleHigh-energy Physics with Hydrogen Bubble Chambers
Author(s)Alvarez, L. W.
Publication DateMarch 07, 1958
Report NumberA/CONF.15/P/729
Unique IdentifierACC0211
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4306040
Research OrgUniversity of California, Berkeley, Radiation Laboratory
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationPrepared for the Second U.N. International Conference on thePeaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1958
SubjectPhysics; Descriptor Groups (Splits); Bubble Chambers - Hydrogen - Interactions - Kaons - Measured Values - Protons; Antiprotons - Bubble Chambers - Hydrogen - Interactions - Measured Values - Protons; Bubble Chambers - Hydrogen - Interactions - Measured Values - Muons - Thermonuclear Reactions; Bubble Chambers - Decay - Hydrogen - Hyperons - Interactions - Measured Values - Pions
KeywordsAntiprotons; Hyperons - Decay; K Particles; Mesons
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AbstractRecent experience with liquid hydrogen bubble chambers of 25 and 40 cm dia. in high-energy physics experiments is discussed. Experiments described are: interactions of K{sup -} mesons with protons, interactions of antiprotons with protons, catalysis of nuclear fusion reactions by muons, and production and decay of hyperons from negative pions. (W.D.M.)
791 K
7 pp.
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