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TitleHistory of Proton Linear Accelerators
Author(s)Alvarez, L. W.
Publication DateJanuary 1987
Report NumberLBL 22554 Rev.
Unique IdentifierACC0208
Other NumbersCONF 860629 66 Rev.; Legacy ID: DE87006948; OSTI ID: 6533054
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory [LBL, LBNL], CA (USA)
Contract NoAC03 76SF00098
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Other InformationLinear Accelerator Conference; June 2, 1986; Stanford, CA, USA
Subject430100-Particle Accelerators-Design, Development, & Operation; Linear Accelerators; Acceleration; Protons; Tanks
KeywordsAccelerators; Baryons; Containers; Elementary Particles; Fermions; Hadrons; Nucleons
Related Web PagesLuis Alvarez, the Hydrogen Bubble Chamber,Tritium, and Dinosaurs
AbstractSome personal recollections are presented that relate to the author`s experience developing linear accelerators, particularly for protons. (LEW)
5676 K
24 pp.
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