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TitleThe Top Quark, QCD, And New Physics.
Author(s)Dawson, S.
Publication DateJune 2002
Report NumberBNL--71205-2003-CP
Unique IdentifierACC0202
Other NumbersPO22; KA140102; OSTI ID: 810519
Research OrgBrookhaven National Laboratory [BNL], Upton, NY (US)
Contract NoAC02-98CH10886; AC02-76-CH-00016
Sponsoring OrgUSDOE Office of Energy Research (ER) (US)
Other InformationTheoretical Advanced Study Institute, Boulder, Co (US), 06/01/2002--06/30/2002
Subject72 Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields; 71 Classical and Quantum Mechanics, General Physics; Accuracy; Algorithms; Builders; Decay; Higgs Bosons; Phase Space; Physics; Production; Quantum Chromodynamics; Quarks; Standard Model; T Quarks
KeywordsTop Quark
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AbstractThe role of the top quark in completing the Standard Model quark sector is reviewed, along with a discussion of production, decay, and theoretical restrictions on the top quark properties. Particular attention is paid to the top quark as a laboratory for perturbative QCD. As examples of the relevance of QCD corrections in the top quark sector, the calculation of e{sup+}e{sup -}+ t{bar t} at next-to-leading-order QCD using the phase space slicing algorithm and the implications of a precision measurement of the top quark mass are discussed in detail. The associated production of a t{bar t} pair and a Higgs boson in either e{sup+}e{sup -} or hadronic collisions is presented at next-to-leading-order QCD and its importance for a measurement of the top quark Yulrawa coupling emphasized. Implications of the heavy top quark mass for model builders are briefly examined, with the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model and topcolor discussed as specific examples.
2286 K
55 pp.
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