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TitleNeutral-current x-distributions
Author(s)Friedman, J. I.; Kendall, H. W.; Bogert, D.; Burnstein, R.; Fisk, R.; Fuess, S.; Bofill, J.; Busza, W.; Eldridge, T.; Abolins, M.; Brock, R.; et al.
Publication DateJune 1984
Report NumberDOE/ER/05023 3
Unique IdentifierACC0175
Other NumbersCONF 8406182 2; Legacy ID: DE84016522; OSTI ID: 6397835
Research OrgFermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL (USA); Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], Cambridge (USA); Michigan State Univ., East Lansing (USA)
Contract NoAC02 78ER05023
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other Information11. international conference on neutrino physics and astrophysics; 11 Jun 1984; Nordkirchen bei Dortmund, F.R. Germany
Subject645102 -- High Energy Physics -- Particle Interactions & PropertiesExperimental -- Weak Interactions & Properties; 645101 -- High Energy Physics Particle Interactions & Properties -- Experimental -- Electromagnetic Interactions & Properties; Physics of Elementary Particles; Neutral Currents -- Spatial Distribution; Neutrino nucleon Interactions -- Deep Inelastic Scattering; Nucleons -- Structure Functions; Bubble Chambers; Charged Currents; Experimental Data; Neutrinos
KeywordsAlgebraic Currents; Baryons; Currents; Data; Distribution; Elementary Particles; Fermions; Functions; Gas Track Detectors; Hadrons; Inelastic Scattering; Information; Interactions; Lepton Baryon Interactions; Lepton Hadron Interactions; Lepton Nucleon Interactions; Leptons; Massless Particles; Measuring Instruments; Numerical Data; Particle Interactions; Radiation Detectors; Scattering
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AbstractThe role of the semi leptonic neutral current interaction as a probe of nucleon structure is examined. Previous measurements of neutral current x-distributions are reviewed, and new results from the Fermilab - MIT - MSU collaboration are presented.
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