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TitleExperimental Search for a Heavy Electron
Author(s)Boley, C. D.; Elias, J. E.; Friedman, J. I.; Hartmann, G. C.; Kendall, H. W.; Kirk, P.N.; Sogard, M. R.; Van Speybroeck, L. P.; de Pagter, J. K.
Publication DateSeptember 1967
Report NumberMIT -- 2098-378
Unique IdentifierACC0173
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4537550
Research OrgMassachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], Cambridge
Contract NoAT(30-1)-2098
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationPhysical Review 167: 1275 9 (Mar. 25, 1968)
SubjectN34110 -- Physics (High Energy) -- Particle Interactions & Properties (Experimental) -- Electromagnetic; Cross Sections; Electrons; GeV Range; Interactions; Mass; Production; Protons
KeywordsNuclear physics; Protons/interactions e + p at 5 GeV, search for heavy electron in inelastic, (E); Electrons/production of heavy, in inelastic e + p interactions at 5 GeV, (E); Electrons/interactions e + p at 5 GeV, search for heavy electron in inelastic, (E)
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AbstractA search for a heavy electron of the type considered by Low and Blackmon has been made by studying the inelastic scattering of 5 BeV electrons from hydrogen. The search was made over a range of values of the mass of the heavy electron from 100 t0 1300 MeV. No evidence for such a particle was observed. Upper limits on the production cross sections were determined and employed to deducelimits on the values of the electron-photon-heavy electron coupling constant in Low and Blackmon=s theory.
745 K
21 pp.
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