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TitleChemistry of Bimetallic Linked Cyclopentadienyl Complexes: Progress Report, 1 December 1986 --30 November 1989
Author(s)Schrock, R. R.
Publication Date1989
Report NumberDOE/ER/13564-7
Unique IdentifierACC0151
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE89013965; OSTI ID: 5924493
Research OrgMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA). Department of Chemistry
Contract NoFG02-86ER13564
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Department of Energy (USDOE)
Subject400201 -- Chemical & Physicochemical Properties; Cobalt Complexes -- Chemical Preparation; Polyenes -- Chemical Preparation; Rhodium Complexes -- Chemical Preparation; Ruthenium Complexes -- Chemical Preparation; Tungsten Complexes -- Chemical Preparation; Chemical Bonds; Chemical Reaction Kinetics; Chemical Reaction Yield; Diels-alder Reaction; Hydrogen 1; Nmr Spectra; Progress Report; Structural Models
KeywordsChemical Reactions; Complexes; Document Types; Hydrocarbons; Hydrogen Isotopes; Isotopes; Kinetics; Light Nuclei; Nuclei; Odd-even Nuclei; Organic Compounds; Reaction Kinetics; Spectra; Stable Isotopes; Synthesis; Transition Element Complexes; Yields
Related Web PagesRichard Schrock, Robert Grubbs, and Metathesis Method in Organic Synthesis
AbstractResearch continued on the chemistry and preparation of bimetallic cyclopentadienyl complexes containing up to two tungsten or one tungsten and a cobalt, rhodium, or ruthenium. The general method for preparation and analysis of polyenes is also discussed. (CBS)
1067 K
26 pp.
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