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TitleReduction of Carbon Monoxide. Past Research Summary
Author(s)Schrock, R. R.
Publication Date1982
Report NumberDOE/ER/04949-1
Unique IdentifierACC0150
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE82007524; OSTI ID: 5642912
Research OrgMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA)
Contract NoAS02-78ER04949
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Department of Energy (USDOE)
Subject400301 -- Organic Chemistry -- Chemical & Physicochemical Properties -- (-1987); 400201 -- Chemical & Physicochemical Properties; Carbon Monoxide -- Reduction; Isonitriles -- Reduction; Tantalum Complexes -- Chemical Preparation; Tantalum Complexes -- Chemical Reactions; Tantalum Complexes -- Research Programs; Tantalum Complexes -- Structural Chemical Analysis; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Organic Chlorine Compounds
KeywordsCarbon Compounds; Carbon Oxides; Carbonic Acid Derivatives; Chalcogenides; Chemical Reactions; Complexes; Magnetic Resonance; Organic Compounds; Organic Halogen Compounds; Oxides; Oxygen Compounds; Resonance; Synthesis; Transition Element Complexes
Related Web PagesRichard Schrock, Robert Grubbs, and Metathesis Method in Organic Synthesis
AbstractResearch programs for the year on the preparation, characterization, and reactions of binuclear tantalum complexes are described. All evidence to date suggest the following of these dimeric molecules: (1) the dimer does not break into monomers under mild conditions; (2) intermolecular hydride exchange is not negligible, but it is slow; (3) intermolecular non-ionic halide exchange is fast; (4) the ends of the dimers can rotate partially with respect to one another. The binuclear tantalum hydride complexes were found to react with carbon monoxide to give a molecule which is the only example of reduction of CO by a transition metal hydride to give a complex containing a CHO ligand. Isonitrides also reacted in a similar manner with dimeric tantalum hydride. (ATT)
3010 K
95 pp.
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