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TitleEffect of the Temperature of the Moderator on the Velocity Distribution of Neutrons with Numerical Calculations for H as Moderator
Author(s)Wigner, E. P.; Wilkins, J. E. Jr.
Publication DateSeptember 14, 1944
Report NumberAECD-2275
Unique IdentifierACC0147
Other NumbersCP-2156; OSTI ID: 4421803
Research OrgOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Contract NoW-7401-eng-37
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationDeclassified September 13, 1948
SubjectNeutrons; Atoms; Binding Energy; Crystals; Differential Equations; Distribution; Hydrogen; Moderators; Neutron Beams; Numericals; Reflection; Slowdown; Temperature; Velocity
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AbstractIn this paper we set up an integral equation governing the energy distribution of neutrons that are being slowed down uniformly throughout the entire space by a uniformly distributed moderator whose atoms are in motion with a Maxwellian distribution of velocities. The effects of chemical binding and crystal reflection are ignored. When the moderator is hydrogen, the integral equation is reduced to a differential equation and solved by numerical methods. In this manner we obtain a refinement of the dv/v{sup 2} law. (auth)
564 K
13 pp.
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