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TitleRadioactivity of the Cooling Water
Author(s)Wigner, E. P.
Publication DateMarch 01, 1943
Report NumberCP-499
Unique IdentifierACC0143
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4365042
Research OrgChicago. Univ. Metallurgical Lab.
Contract NoW-7401-eng-37
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationDeclassified January 4, 1956
SubjectPhysics; Absorption; Neutrons; Numericals; Oxygen 18; Oxygen 19; Personnel; Radiation Doses; Radiation Protection; Radioactivity; Reactors; Water Coolant
KeywordsReactors -- Water Cooling; Reactor Coolants -- Radioactivity Induced in
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AbstractThe most important source of radioactivity at the exit manifold of the pile will be due to O{sup 19}, formed by neutron absorption of O{sup 18}. A recent measurement of Fermi and Weil permits to estimate that it will be safe to stay about 80 minutes daily close to the exit manifolds without any shield. Estimates are given for the radioactivities from other sources both in the neighborhood and farther away from the pile.
915 K
10 pp.
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