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TitleNumerical Studies of Impurities in Fusion Plasmas
Author(s)Hulse, R. A.
Publication DateSeptember 1982
Report NumberPPPL-1917
Unique IdentifierACC0137
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE82022279; OSTI ID: 7051822
Research OrgPrinceton Univ., NJ (USA). Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
Contract NoAC02-76CH03073
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Department of Energy (USDOE)
Subject700105 -- Fusion Energy -- Plasma Research -- Plasma Kinetics-Theoretical -- (-1987); Impurities -- Computerized Simulation; Plasma -- Impurities; Computer Calculations; Differential Equations; Ionization; Numerical Solution; Radiations; Transport Theory
KeywordsEquations; Simulation
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AbstractThe coupled partial differential equations used to describe the behavior of impurity ions in magnetically confined controlled fusion plasmas require numerical solution for cases of practical interest. Computer codes developed for impurity modeling at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory are used as examples of the types of codes employed for this purpose. These codes solve for the impurity ionization state densities and associated radiation rates using atomic physics appropriate for these low-density, high-temperature plasmas. The simpler codes solve local equations in zero spatial dimensions while more complex cases require codes which explicitly include transport of the impurity ions simultaneously with the atomic processes of ionization and recombination. Typical applications are discussed and computational results are presented for selected cases of interest.
1508 K
40 pp.
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