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TitleTemperature and Density Conditions for Nucleogenesis by Fusion Processes in Stars
Author(s)Fowler, W. A.
Publication DateJune 1958
Report NumberA/CONF.15/P/353
Unique IdentifierACC0134
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4308210
Research OrgW. K. Kellogg Radiation Laboratory, California Inst. of Tech., Pasadena, CA
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationPrepared for the Second U.N. International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1958
SubjectPhysics; Astrophysics; Cosmology; Density; Elements; Nuclei; Production; Quantity Ratio; Stars; Temperature; Thermonuclear Reactions
KeywordsStars - Thermonuclear Reactions
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AbstractAn attempt is made to correlate nuclear findings with what is known about stellar evolution. Some discussion is given to present research in nuclear physics and astrophysics which may lead to further elucidation of the problem of nucleogenesis and of its cosmological implications. (M.H.R.)
1330 K
11 pp.
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