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TitleStatus of Heavy-lepton Searches
Author(s)Perl, M. L.
Publication DateJune 1981
Report NumberSLAC-PUB-2752
Unique IdentifierACC0133
Other NumbersCONF-8105109-3; Legacy ID: DE82003570; OSTI ID: 6136892
Research OrgStanford Linear Accelerator Center, CA (USA)
Contract NoAC03-76SF00515
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (US DOE)
Other InformationInternational Conference on Physics in Collision: High Energy ee/ep/pp Interactions; 28 May 1981; Blacksburg, VA, USA
Subject645101 -- High Energy Physics -- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental -- Electromagnetic Interactions & Properties; 645102 -- High Energy Physics -- Particle Interactions & Properties-experimental -- Weak Interactions & Properties; Heavy Leptons; Annihilation; Electromagnetic Interactions; Electron-positron Interactions; Hadron-hadron Interactions; Lepton-hadron Interactions; Pair Production; Photon-hadron Interactions; Proton-antiproton Interactions; Proton-proton Interactions; Reviews; Weak Interactions
KeywordsBaryon-baryon Interactions; Basic Interactions; Document Types; Electromagnetic Interactions; Elementary Particles; Fermions; Hadron-hadron Interactions; Interactions; Lepton-lepton Interactions; Leptons; Ucleon-antinucleon Interactions; Nucleon-nucleon Interactions; Particle Interactions; Postulated Particles; Proton-nucleon Interactions
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AbstractSearches for heavy leptons using e{sup +}e{sup -} annihilation, lepton-hadron collisions, photon-hadron collisions, hadron-hadron collisions, and studies of macroscopic matter are reviewed. The present experimental status and future possibilities are summarized.
1438 K
58 pp.
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