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TitleThreshold and Other Properties of U Particle Production in e{sup +}e{sup -} Annihilation
Author(s)Perl, M. L.
Publication DateMay 1976
Report NumberSLAC-PUB-1748
Unique IdentifierACC0131
Other NumbersCONF-760473-3; OSTI ID: 6692938
Research OrgStanford Linear Accelerator Center, CA (USA)
Contract NoEY-76-S-03-0326
Sponsoring OrgUS Energy Research and Development Administration (US ERDA)
Other InformationInternational Conference on Production of Particles with New Quantum Numbers; 22 Apr 1976; Madison, WI, USA
Subject645101 -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Electromagnetic Interactions & Properties; Electron-positron Interactions -- Annihilation; Heavy Leptons -- Electroproduction; Heavy Leptons -- Particle Properties; Electrons; Energy Losses; Linear Momentum; Positrons; Threshold Energy
KeywordsAntileptons; Antimatter; Antiparticles; Basic Interactions; Electromagnetic Interactions; Elementary Particles; Energy; Fermions; Interactions; Lepton-lepton Interactions; Leptons; Particle Interactions; Particle Production; Postulated Particles
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AbstractThe anomalous e..mu.. events produced in e{sup +}e{sup -} annihilation, e{sup +} + e{sup -} ..-->.. e/sup + -/ + ..mu..{sup - +} + missing energy, (1) was explained as the decay products of a pair of U particles produced in the reaction e{sup +} + e{sup -} ..-->.. U{sup +} + U{sup -}. (2) New data is presented on the U particles in the energy region just above their production threshold and results of a study of the nature of the particles carrying off the missing energy in Eq. (1). While presenting these new results the present status of knowledge of the anomalous e..mu.. events and their U particle explanation is briefly reviewed. (JFP)
886 K
33 pp.
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