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TitleFractional Quantization of the Hall Effect
Author(s)Laughlin, R. B.
Publication DateFebruary 27, 1984
Report NumberUCRL-89743-Rev.1
Unique IdentifierACC0122
Other NumbersCONF-840284-1-Rev.1; Legacy ID: DE84008894; OSTI ID: 6999029
Research OrgLawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (USA)
Contract NoW-7405-ENG-48
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (DOE)
Other Information3rd International Winterschool on New Developments in Solid State Physics; 26 Feb 1984; Salzubrg, Austria
Subject656001 -- Condensed Matter Physics -- Solid-State Plasma; Hall Effect -- Quantization; Electron Gas; Excitation; Fermions; Ground States; Magnetic Fields; Metals; Numerical Solution; Quasi Particles; Solid-state Plasma; Wave Functions
KeywordsElements; Energy Levels; Energy-level Transitions; Functions; Plasma
Related Web PagesRobert B. Laughlin and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
AbstractThe Fractional Quantum Hall Effect is caused by the condensation of a two-dimensional electron gas in a strong magnetic field into a new type of macroscopic ground state, the elementary excitations of which are fermions of charge 1/m, where m is an odd integer. A mathematical description is presented.
495 K
15 pp.
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