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TitleTheory of the Knight Shift and Flux Quantization in Superconductors
Author(s)Cooper, L. N.; Lee, H. J.; Schwartz, B. B.; Silvert, W.
Publication DateMay 1962
Report NumberTID-18658
Unique IdentifierACC0121
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4720526
Research OrgBrown University, Providence, RI
Contract NoAT(30-1)-2262
Sponsoring OrgAtomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationFor presentation at the 8th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, London, June 8, 1962
SubjectPhysics; Electromagnetism; Electrons; Interactions; Knight Shift; Magnetic Fields; Momentum; Quantum Mechanics; Spin; Superconductivity; Thermodynamics; Time Reversal
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AbstractConsequences of a generalization of the theory of superconductivity that yields a finite Knight shift are presented. In this theory, by introducing an electron-electron interaction that is not spatially invariant, the pairing of electrons with varying total momentum is made possible. An expression for Xs (the spin susceptibility in the superconducting state) is derived. In general Xs is smaller than Xn, but is not necessarily zero. The precise magnitude of Xs will vary from sample to sample and will depend on the nonuniformity of the samples. There should be no marked size dependence and no marked dependence on the strength of the magnetic field; this is in accord with observation. The basic superconducting properties are retained, but there are modifications in the various electromagnetic and thermal properties since the electrons paired are not time sequences of this generalized theory on flux quantization arguments are presented.(auth)
458 K
13 pp.
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