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TitleTheory of Multiple Coulomb Scattering from Extended Nuclei
Author(s)Cooper, L. N.; Rainwater, J.
Publication DateAugust 1954
Report NumberNEVIS-4
Unique IdentifierACC0120
Other NumbersCU-70-54-ONR-110-1-Ph; OSTI ID: 4404609
Research OrgNevis Cyclotron Labs., Columbia Univ.
Contract NoN6-ori-110, Task No. 1
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and Office of Naval Research (ONR)
SubjectPhysics; Angular Distribution; Atomic Models; Charged Particles; Configuration; Electric Fields; Energy Range; Form Factor; Lead; Moliere Theory; Multiple Scattering; Muons; Nuclear Models; Nuclei; Numericals; Olbert Theory; Scattering; Thickness
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AbstractTwo independent methods are described for calculating the multiple scattering distribution for projected angle scattering resulting when very high energy charged particles traverse a thick scatterer. The results are compared with the theories of Moliere and Olbert.
2572 K
56 pp.
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