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TitleTheoretical Studies of Magnetic Systems. Final Report, August 1, 1994 - November 30, 1997
Author(s)Gor`kov, L. P.; Novotny, M. A.; Schrieffer, J. R.
Publication Date1997
Report NumberDOE/ER/45518--T1
Unique IdentifierACC0119
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE99002140; OSTI ID: 329563
Research OrgFlorida State University, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, FL (United States)
Contract NoFG02-94ER45518
Sponsoring OrgUS DOE Office of Energy Research, Washington, DC (United States)
Subject66 Physics; Progress Report; Ferromagnetic Materials; Crystal Lattices; Kondo Effect; Superconductors; Antiferromagnetic Materials; Mathematical Models; Spin; Quasi Particles; Research Programs
KeywordsAngular Momentum; Crystal Structure; Document Types; Magnetic Materials; Materials; Particle Properties
Related Web PagesJ. Robert Schrieffer and the BCS Theory of Superconductivity
AbstractDuring the grant period the authors have studied five areas of research: (1) low dimensional ferrimagnets; (2) lattice effects in the mixed valence problem; (3) spin compensation in the one dimensional Kondo lattice; (4) the interaction of quasi particles in short coherence length superconductors; and (5) novel effects in angle resolved photoemission spectra from nearly antiferromagnetic materials. Progress in each area is summarized.
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