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TitleOn Angular Momentum
Author(s)Schwinger, J.
Publication DateJanuary 26, 1952
Report NumberNYO-3071
Unique IdentifierACC0111
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 389568
Research OrgHarvard University; Nuclear Development Associates, Inc.
Contract NoAT(30-1)-862(b)
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
SubjectNuclei . Nuclear Spin; Quantum Mechanics; Nuclei - Angular Moment
KeywordsPhysics; Angular Momentum; Circuits; Commutation Relations; Eigenvectors; Mathematics; Matrices; Momentum; Operators; Oscillations; Oscillators; Rotation; Tensors; Vectors
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AbstractThe commutation relations of an arbitrary angular momentum vector can be reduced to those of the harmonic oscillator. This provides a powerful method for constructing and developing the properties of angular momentum eigenvectors. In this paper many known theorems are derived in this way, and some new results obtained. Among the topics treated are the properties of the rotation matrices; the addition of two, three, and four angular momenta; and the theory of tensor operators.
5733 K
92 pp.
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