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TitleLow Temperature and Neutron Physics Studies: Final Progress Report, March 1, 1986--May 31, 1987
Author(s)Shull, C.G.
Publication DateJuly 27, 1989
Report NumberDOE/ER/03342-1
Unique IdentifierACC0098
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE89016660; OSTI ID: 5888142
Research OrgMassachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA (USA). Dept. of Physics
Contract NoAC02-76ER03342
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy
Subject654003 -- Radiation & Shielding Physics -- Neutron Interactions with Matter; Crystals -- Neutron Diffraction; Larmor Precession; Magnetic Fields; Progress Report; Silicon; Spin Orientation
KeywordsCoherent Scattering; Diffraction; Document Types; Elements; Orientation; Precession; Scattering; Semimetals
Related Web PagesClifford Shull, Neutron Diffraction, and Neutron Scattering
AbstractA search for a novel coupling interaction between the Pendelloesung periodicity which is formed in a diffracting crystal and the Larmor precession of neutrons in a magnetic field has been carried out. This interaction is expected to exhibit a resonant behavior when the two spatial periodicities become matched upon scanning the magnetic field being applied to the crystal. Observations on a diffracting, perfect crystal of silicon with neutrons of wavelength 1 Angstrom show the expected resonant action but some discrepancy between the observed magnitude of the resonance effects remains for interpretation.
276 K
9 pp.
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