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TitleWeak Interaction Models with New Quarks and Right-handed Currents
Author(s)Wilczek, F. A.; Zee, A.; Kingsley, R. L.; Treiman, S. B.
Publication DateJune 1975
Report NumberFERMILAB-Pub-75/44-THY
Unique IdentifierACC0085
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4082874; NSA-33-021415
Research OrgFermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Joseph Henry Laboratories, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Contract NoAT(11-1)-3072
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA)
SubjectN64230 --Physics (High Energy)--Particle Interactions & Properties (Theoretical)--Weak; N64320 --Physics (High Energy)--Particle Invariance Principles & Symmetry--Applications (Electromagnetic & Weak); 641103; Kaons Neutral-- Mass Difference; Quark Model-- Weak Neutral Currents; Configuration Mixing; Decay; Quantum Numbers; SU-2 Groups; U-1 Groups; Weak Interactions; Weinberg Lepton Model
Keywordsweak interaction, quark, quantum numbers, right-handed currents, models, heavy mesons
Related Web PagesFrank Wilczek, Asymptotic Freedom, and Strong Interaction
AbstractWe discuss various weak interaction issues for a general class of models within the SU(2) x U(1) gauge theory framework, with special emphasis on the effects of right-handed, charged currents and of quarks bearing new quantum numbers. In particular we consider the restrictions on model building which are imposed by the small KL - KS mass difference and by the .I = = rule; and we classify various possibilities for neutral current interactions and, in the case of heavy mesons with new quantum numbers, various possibilities for mixing effects analogous to KL - KS mixing.
1540 K
47 pp.
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