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TitleNuclear Shell Structure and Beta Decay I. Odd A Nuclei II. Even A Nuclei
Author(s)Mayer, M.G.; Moszkowski, S.A.; Nordheim, L.W.
Publication DateMay 1951
Report NumberANL-4626
Unique IdentifierACC0080
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4420949
Research OrgArgonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
Contract NoW-31-109-eng-38
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission
KeywordsBeta Decay; Coupling; Energy Levels; Interactions; Magnetic Moments; Neutrons; Nuclear Models; Nuclear Structure; Nuclei; Nucleons; Parity; Protons; Quantum Mechanics; Selection Rules; Shell Models; Spin; Transients
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AbstractIn Part I a systematics is given of all transitions for odd A nuclei for which sufficiently reliable data are available. The allowed or forbidden characters of the transitions are correlated with the positions of the initial and final odd nucleon groups in the nuclear shell scheme. The nuclear shells show definite characteristics with respect to parity of the ground states. The latter is the same as the one obtained from known spins and magnetic moments in a one-particle interpretation. In Part II a systematics of the beta transitions of even-A nuclei is given. An interpretation of the character of the transitions in terms of nuclear shell structure is achieved on the hypothesis that the odd nucleon groups have the same structure as in odd-A nuclei, together with a simple coupling rule between the neutron and proton groups in odd-odd nuclei.
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52 pp.
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