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TitleCritical Amounts of Uranium Compounds
Author(s)Konopinski, E.; Metropolis, N.; Teller, E.; Woods, L.
Publication DateMarch 19, 1943
Report NumberCF-548
Unique IdentifierACC0076
Other NumbersA-673; OSTI ID: 4384835
Research OrgChicago. University. Metallurgical Laboratory.
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationDeclassified February 14, 1956
Subject73 Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics; Physics and Mathematics
KeywordsPhysics; Critical Assemblies; Enrichment; Mass; Numerical; Uranium Fluorides; Uranium Oxides; Uranium 235
Related Web PagesEdward Teller(http://www.osti.gov/accomplishments/teller.html)
AbstractThe method of calculation of critical masses of oxides and fluorides of U is given. The geometry assumed is a sphere and the calculations hold only in the absence of hydrogenous materials. Calculations are carried out which are applicable to materials containing form 20 to 100% U{sup 235}. (T.R.H.)
805 K
15 pp.
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