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TitleProton Distribution in Heavy Nuclei
Author(s)Johnson, M. H; Teller, E.
Publication DateNovember 13, 1953
Report NumberUCRL-4232
Unique IdentifierACC0072
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4404574
Research OrgRadiation Laboratory, University of California, Livermore, CA (US) [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)]
Contract NoW-7405-eng-48
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Subject73 Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics; Decomposition; Diagrams; Glutathion; Metabolism; Organic Sulfur Compounds; Quantity Ratio; Quinones; Radiation Doses; Radiation Effects; Radiochemistry; X Radiation
KeywordsPhysics; Beta Decay; Distribution; Electric Potential; Interactions; Neutrons; Nuclear Structure; Nuclear Theory; Nuclei; Nucleons; Protons; Stability; Surfaces; Nuclear Structure
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AbstractIt is reasoned that, from considerations connected with beta-decay stability and Coulomb repulsion forces, a neutron excess is developed on the surface of heavy nuclei. Several consequences of this qualitative analysis in nucleon interactions are briefly noted. (K.S.)
244 K
5 pp.
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