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TitleSolar Neutrino Problem
Author(s)Davis, R. Jr.; Evans, J. C.; Cleveland, B. T.
Publication DateApril 28, 1978
Report NumberBNL-24629
Unique IdentifierACC0068
Other NumbersCONF-780453--11; OSTI ID: 6627925
Research OrgBrookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (USA)
Contract NoEY-76-C-02-0016
Other InformationThe Neutrinos '78 Conference; 28 Apr - 2 May 1978; Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Subject640104 -- Astrophysics & Cosmology -- Solar Phenomena; Solar Neutrinos -- Neutrino Detection; Solar Neutrinos -- Reviews; Sun -- Star Models
KeywordsDetection; Document Types; Elementary Particles; Fermions; Leptons; Main Sequence Stars; Massless Particles; Mathematical Models; Neutrinos; Radiation Detection; Radiations; Solar Particles; Solar Radiation; Stars; Stellar Radiation
Related Web PagesRaymond Davis, Jr., Solar Neutrinos, and the Solar Neutrino Problem
AbstractA summary of the results of the Brookhaven solar neutrino experiment is given and discussed in relation to solar model calculations. A review is given of the merits of various new solar neutrino detectors that were proposed.
990 K
15 pp.
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