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TitleSupersonic Bare Metal Cluster Beams. Technical Progress Report, March 16, 1984 - April 1, 1985
Author(s)Smalley, R. E.
Publication DateJanuary 01, 1985
Report NumberDOE/ER/06035-7
Unique IdentifierACC0056
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE85014321; OSTI ID: 5545551
Research OrgRice University, Houston, TX (USA)
Contract NoAS05-78ER06035
Sponsoring OrgDOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES)
Subject640301 -- Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Physics-- Beams & their Reactions; Cluster Beams -- Production; Cluster Beams -- Research Programs; Ion Beams; Ion Cyclotron - Resonance; Ion Pairs; Photolysis; Solid Clusters
KeywordsBeams; Chemical Reactions; Cyclotron Resonance; Decomposition; Photochemical Reactions; Resonance
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AbstractThere have been four major areas of concentration for the study of bare metal cluster beams: neutral cluster, chemical reactivity, cold cluster ion source development (both positive and negative), bare cluster ion ICR (ion cyclotron resonance) development, and photofragmentation studies of bare metal cluster ions.
1003 K
14 pp.
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