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TitleTransuranium Elements: a Half Century
Author(s)Seaborg, G. T.
Publication DateAugust 1990
Report NumberLBL--29445
Unique IdentifierACC0052
Other NumbersCONF-900846-2; Legacy ID: DE91000226; OSTI ID: 6604648
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), California (USA) [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)]
Contract NoAC03-76SF00098
Sponsoring OrgDepartment of Energy Office of Energy Research (DOE/ER)
Other InformationInternational Symposium to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Discovery of Transuranium Elements, Washington, DC (USA), 26-31 Aug 1990
Subject651000 -- Nuclear Physics; 400700 -- Radiochemistry & Nuclear Chemistry; Transuranium Elements -- Historical Aspects; Fission; 73 Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics; 38 Radiation Chemistry, Radiochemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry; Transuranium Elements
KeywordsChemistry; Elements; Nuclear Reactions
Related Web PagesGlenn T. Seaborg
AbstractThis report discusses the discovery of all transuranium elements over the past fifty years.
16176 K
72 pp.
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