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TitleEstablishing Site X: Letter, Arthur H. Compton to Enrico Fermi, September 14, 1942
Author(s)Compton, A. H.
Publication DateSeptember 1942
Report NumberDOE--99003405
Unique IdentifierACC0038
Other NumbersLegacy ID: DE99003405; OSTI ID: 357946
Research OrgUSAEC, Washington, DC (United States)
SubjectNuclear Reactor Technology
KeywordsHistorical Aspects; Site Selection; Pilot Plants; X-10 Reactor
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AbstractThis letter from Compton to Fermi describes developments bearing on the establishment of site X (which, as of the letter date, is definitely determined as at the Tennessee Valley) for the construction of a pile and associated pilot plant buildings, describes the situation as of the letter date, and offers counsel as to how to proceed.
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3 pp.
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