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TitleContributions and Future of Radioisotopes in Medical, Industrial and Space Applications
Author(s)Tingey, G. L.; Dix, G. P.; Wahlquist, E. J.
Publication DateNovember 1990
Report NumberPNL-SA--18458
Unique IdentifierACC0026
Other NumbersCONF-901101--68; Legacy ID: DE91005245; OSTI ID: 6242246
Research OrgPacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA (United States) [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNL, PNNL]
Contract NoAC06-76RL01830
Sponsoring OrgDOE/NE
Other InformationAmerican Nuclear Society Winter Meeting, Washington, DC (USA), 11-15 Nov 1990
Subject07 Isotopes and Radiation Sources; 59 Basic Biological Sciences; 62 Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
KeywordsRadioisotopes/Uses; Radioisotopes; Uses; Public Health; Nuclear Medicine; Food Industry; Agriculture; Energy Supplies; National Security
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AbstractThere are 333 isotopes that have a half-life between 1 day and 100,000 years that have a wide variety of applications including public health, medicine,industrial technology, food technology and packaging, agriculture, energy supply, and national security. This paper provides an overview of some of the most extensive applications of radioisotopes including some observations of future uses. Examples are discussed that indicate that the use of radioisotopes is almost unlimited and will continue to grow. There is a growing need for future applications development and production. 12 refs., 1 tab. (BM)
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