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TitleThe Discovery of the Top Quark
Author(s)Sinervo, P.K.
Publication DateDecember 1995
Report NumberFNAL/C--95/371-E
Unique IdentifierACC0015
Other NumbersCONF-9502129--2; Legacy ID: DE96004375; OSTI ID: 198895
Research OrgFermi National Accelerator Lab., Batavia, IL (United States)
Contract NoAC02-76CH03000
Sponsoring OrgDOE/ER
Other InformationPresented at the 1995 Lake Louise Winter Institute, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada; February 19 - 25, 1995
SubjectProperties of Other Particles Including Hypothetical Particles; Specific Theories and Interaction Models; Particle Systematics
KeywordsT Quarks/Particle Production; Historical Aspects; Weak Particle Decay; Quantum Chromodynamics; Standard Model; Cross Sections; Pair Production; Fermilab Collider Detector; Multiplicity
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AbstractThe top quark and the Higgs boson are the heaviest elementary particles predicted by the standard model. The four lightest quark flavours, the up, down, strange and charm quarks, were well-established by the mid-1970's. The discovery in 1977 of the {Tau} resonances, a new family of massive hadrons, required the introduction of the fifth quark flavour. Experimental and theoretical studies have indicated that this quark also has a heavier partner, the top quark.
2447 K
38 pp.
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