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TitleThe Discovery of the b Quark at Fermilab in 1977: The Experiment Coordinator's Story
Author(s)Yoh, J.
Publication DateDecember 1997
Report NumberFNAL/C--97/432-E
Unique IdentifierACC0013
Other NumbersCONF-9706203--; Legacy ID: DE98051570; OSTI ID: 645407
Research OrgFermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL (United States)
Contract NoAC02-76CH03000
Sponsoring OrgDOE Office of Energy Research (ER)
Other InformationSymposium on Twenty Beautiful Years of Bottom Physics, Chicago, IL (United States), 29 Jun - 2 Jul 1997
SubjectHadron Interactions; Properties of Mesons and Meson Resonances; 66 Physics
KeywordsB Quarks/Detection; Detection; Muon Pairs; Bottomonium; Historical Aspects
Related Web PagesLeon Lederman, the K-meson, the Muon Neutrino, and the Bottom Quark
AbstractI present the history of the discovery of the Upsilon ({Upsilon}) particle (the first member of the b-quark family to be observed) at Fermilab in 1977 by the CFS (Columbia-Fermilab-Stony Brook collaboration) E288 experiment headed by Leon Lederman. We found the first evidence of the {Upsilon} in November 1976 in an early phase of E288. The subsequent discovery in the spring of 1977 resulted from an upgraded E288 the {mu}{mu}II phase, optimized for dimuons, with about 100 times the sensitivity of the previous investigatory dimuon phase (which had been optimized for dielectrons). The events leading to the discovery, the planning of {mu}{mu}II and the running, including a misadventure (the infamous Shunt Fire of May 1977), are described. Some discussions of the aftermath, a summary, and an acknowledgement list end this brief historical note.
866 K
16 pp.
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