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1. The Top Quark, QCD, And New Physics.; Dawson, S.; June, 2002; BNL--71205-2003-CP; ACC0202
2286 K, 55 pp.
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2. CDF Top Physics; Tartarelli, G. F.; CDF Collaboration; May, 1996; FERMILAB-Conf--96/099-E; ACC0201
1437 K, 14 pp.
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3. The Discovery of the Top Quark; Sinervo, P.K.; December, 1995; FNAL/C--95/371-E; ACC0015
2447 K, 38 pp.
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4. Asymptotically Free Gauge Theories. I; Wilczek, Frank; Gross, David J.; July, 1973; NAL-PUB-73/49-THY; ACC0083
2316 K, 74 pp.
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