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1. Operational Readiness Review Plan for the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Materials Production Tasks; Cooper, R. H.; Martin, M. M.; Riggs, C. R.; Beatty, R. L.; Ohriner, E. K.; Escher, R. N.; April 19, 1990; ORNL/M 1137; ACC0164
1988 K, 36 pp.
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2. 60 Years of Great Science (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); ; January, 2003; ; ACC0069
12354 K, 36 pp.
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3. TAGS 85/2N RTG Power for Viking Lander Capsule; ; August, 1969; INSD 2650 29; ACC0167
30672 K, 405 pp.
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4. High Accuracy, Two-Dimensional Read-Out in Multiwire Proportional Chambers; Charpak, G.; Sauli, F.; February 14, 1973; CERN--73-4; ACC0406
724 K, 16 pp.
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5. Basic Energy Sciences: Summary of Accomplishments; ; May, 1990; DOE/ER--0455P; ACC0004
9137 K, 59 pp.
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6. Positron Emission Tomography of the Heart; Schelbert, H. R.; Phelps, M. E.; Kuhl, D. E.; 1979; UCLA-12-1232; ACC0246
2669 K, 35 pp.
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7. The Role of the DOE Weapons Laboratories in a Changing National Security Environment: CNSS Papers No. 8, April 1988; Hecker, S. S.; April, 1988; LA-11318-MS; ACC0333
2062 K, 31 pp.
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