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Fusion experiments earn nearly $11 million in Department of Energy grants Alumni Mi-Sun Kim recognized as one of 12 alumni making a difference in energy Stan Temple: A life saving threatened species World's largest neutrino observatory completed at South Pole (NSF) Electronic stent deployment system wins top prize at 2011 Innovation Days Historic Red Gym houses the University; Multicultural Student Center President Obama honors Henderson for mentoring Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment UW-Madison chemist wins innovation prize Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital serves over 20,000 animals every year Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Katrina Forest, professor of bacteriology, is pictured with a 3-D model of a bac Rhesus monkey Owen, 29 is the oldest surviving subject in diet and aging study Aerial view of University Research Park during the summer "Schhool on the Square" incorporates nutrition into children's activities UW-Madison research expenditures top the $1 billion mark Memorial Union Terrace Alumnus health advocate Dr. Ernest Darkoh State Capitol building as seen at dawn from the roof of the University Bookstore The College of Engineering's Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics MODIS Antenna used to track two NASA sataellites and acquire Earth's images Sophomore Jefrey Vinokur, Biochemistry Major UW-Madison Pine Bluff Observatory Agronomy graduate student Camilla Vargas demonstrates how to innoculate corn wit Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center UW-Madison MicroExplorers UW-Madison lake scientist Stephen Carpenter awarded 2011 Stockholm Water Prize Perspective - for alumni and friends of UW-Madison College of Engineering UW-Madison College of Engineering's Engine Research Center Darwin Day at UW-Madison Student Amanda Herzog wins prestigious AMA award  National Science Olympiad - New Horizons of Discovery Prof. Bassam Shakhashiri voted American Chemical Society president-elect Water lettuce inside the Botany Greenhouse UW-Madison stem cell pioneer James Thomson recognized Wisconsin Discovery Portal
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