The University of Puerto Rico has the largest and most diverse academic offerings in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

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Bioprocess Development and Training Complex at Mayaguez UPR Humacao gets first place in NASA Great Moonbuggy Race Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium The UPR Cancer Research Center provides access to research driven cancer care Mayagüez Professor Nelson Sepúlveda receives NSF Career Award Jose Fonseca wins best student of Colegio of Químicos of Puerto Rico UPR Humacao Observatory Center for Advanced Nanoscale Materials Polo Liliana Corrales conducts bioengineeriing research via grant Department of Mathematical Sciences at UPR Mayaguez Alexis Paris, physics alumnus of the University of Puerto Rico at at Mayaguez International Studies University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden Initiative UPR has been an Oak Ridge Associated Universities partnership member since 1951 UPR Raising Awareness Caribbean Style, 2009 DOE Solar Decathlon House Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month and Renewing the American Dream Prof. Megh R. Goyal, honored as father of irrigation engineering in Puerto Rico UPR Medical Sciences Campus School of Medicine Prof. Miguel Castro helps develop clean green battery at ORNL UPR's Ron Piedras campus offers Recinto Verde, the Green Campus program UPR saves energy and money with 11 renewable energy projects
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