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Obama names Stanford physicist Benjamin Lev for PECASE honor High-temperature Superconductor Spills Secret: A New Phase of Matter Prof. Vinod Menon shows how early math lessons change children's brains Vintage Racecars Reveal New Insights into Man and Machine A tiny portable microscope developed by Stanford researchers has huge potential Asst. Prof. Ziaolin Zheng with students Chi Hwan Lee and Dong Rip Kim Stanford Team Devises a Better Solar-powered Water Splitter Astrophysicist Roger Blandford receives prestigious Humboldt Research Award Stanford ramps up efforts to recruit and prepare K-12 math and science teachers Summer engineering course yields touchscreen Braille writter GCEP Director Sally Benson announces energy storage research award Earth scientists gain a better understanding of our planet’s history and future Students learn from energy expertise at Stanford Graduate Summer Institute Perserving just 4% of the ocean could protect crucial habitat for marine mammals Rabinovitch awarded $10.8 million grant for lung treatment research Prof. Ronald Davis wins 2011 Gruber International Prize in genetics The Jasper Ridge Climate Change field experiment Alum Piya Sorcar named among world's 'Top Young Innovators' Stanford athletes use high-tech mouthpiece for concussion study Novel math formula can predict success of certain cancer therapies Stanford's Solar Car Project New method reveals parts of bacterium genome essential to life SOL conducts basic and applied research on large-scale mathematical programming Graduate student Yu Lin and Asst. Prof. Wendy Mao create amorphous diamond Stanford University Dept. of Sustainability and Energy Management Stanford School of Engineering San Francisco, bordered by the Bay and Pacific Ocean is 35 miles north of campus The Gates building is home to Stanford's legendary Computer Science department Turning data into wild rides through dark domes Transparent Batteries: Seeing straight through to the future?  DOE awards $25 million to UC Berkeley, Stanford to lower cost of solar power Stanford's 2010 Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellows Nanopillars yield more precise molecular photography
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